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Prepare for the difference 

An engaging, inspiring and thought-provoking speaker, Mukul always leaves his audience more self-aware, energized and motivated. 

No matter what the size or type of audience, he ensures each session is a highly interactive, personal experience, and everyone walks out with a simple, easy to implement action plan that leads to sustainable transformation by changing attitude, not just behaviour. 

From New Delhi to New York, Shanghai to Seoul, Bangkok to Beijing, Mukul's most popular keynotes are:

* The Breakthrough Leader  /  The Breakthrough Thinker - Minimum Effort, Maximum Results, and     
* Make Success A Habit

His other sought after keynotes are:

* The Attitude Advantage - Inspiring Leaders, Inspired Teams  

* Leading For Change - Winning Hearts, Changing Minds

* Play to Win - Transforming Attitudes, Increasing Market share

* The Silver Bullet - Enhancing Productivity, Increasing Profits

* Riding the Storms of Life - And Not To Yield

* From the War Room to the Boardroom - The Art of Corporate Warfare

* The Successful Transition - From Soldier to Civilian

* Unlock the Untold Story - One Life, Many Books                          

* Living the Values - Make Each Day Count

Client Testimonials 

Mukul is one of the best speakers I have ever experienced.


I learnt how to change my perception towards an issue or problem. Mukul is inspirational.


Excellent engagement. Excellent life stories.

JASON NG, Singapore










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